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Simchas Torah 2019

Join us for a fun, meaningful Simchas Torah celebration with the Yeshiva University Torah Tour students.  Enjoy dancing, learning, friends and great food.  

Attend a delicious dinner Monday night October 21, including an early childrens' dinner with child friendly menu,  and

Kiddush brunch Tuesday October 22. Your financial support is important to allow the shul to have these celebrations.  Everyone who attends is encouraged to please sponsor generously these delicious meals.   RSVP is required.   Chag Sameach!!

Monday night with lively Hakafos and meal: 

Early childrens' dinner of chicken nuggets, hot dogs, pasta, cucumber slices

Dinner Menu: Rolls, Chumus, Full salad bar, with salads, pickles, olives, cole slaw and corn salad

Avi's special meat loaf,  Sweet Chicken, Savory Chicken, Orzo with sweet potato and sauteed onions, Roasted mini potatoes, Green beans

Desserts: Fruit and Cake

Tuesday morning:  More Hakafos with Kiddush Brunch: 

Rolls, Scrambeld eggs and Salami and eggs, French Toast, Full Salad bar, Chicken. 

Desserts: Fruit and cake

   $1,000 Mitzvah Sponsor
   $500 Diamond Sponsor
   $360 Platinum Sponsor
   $250 Simcha Sponsor
   $180 Gold Sponsor
   $100 Silver Sponsor
   $54 Triple Chai Sponsor
   $36 Double Chai Sponsor
   RSVP Only


Tue, August 4 2020 14 Av 5780