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Rabbi David Claman has taken a rabbinic position in Hollywood, Florida.  We thank him for his 6 years leading Ahavas Sholom, and wish him well.

We are blessed with many Rabbis as members of our shul, who have agreed to work together to fulfill the rabbinic responsibilites for now. Thank you to Rabbis Benmoshe, Fried, Ginsburg, Steinberg, Yachnes and Portman!

A rabbinic search committee has been formed, and is in progress.  We thank this committee of dedicated members:

  1. Perle Benmoshe
  2. Shoshana Ginsburg
  3. Jonathan Gisser
  4. David Grashin
  5. Dotan Herszage
  6. Rebecca Lefkovitz
  7. Joey Nutis
  8. Ruth Pack Adler
  9. Rabbi Moshe Yachnes


Week of August 7 - 12

Shacharis: Sun - 8:15AM | Mon, Thurs - 6:45AM | Tues, Wed & Fri - 6:50AM

Mincha/Maariv: 6:55PM







In his introduction to Sefer Devarim, the Ramban says, that before Moshe gave over his explanation of the Torah, he began by rebuking the Jewish people and reminding them of their sins and how Hashem dealt with them mercifully. The Ramban goes on to say that Moshe did this in order so that they should not return to their evil ways and continue to sin in the future.


This seems strange. Why did Moshe think that mentioning Hashem’s great mercy towards the Jewish people, despite their sins, would prevent them from sining in the future? If anything, it would seem that remembering Hashem’s mercy would have the opposite effect and cause them not to take their sins so seriously.


Rav Henoch Lebowitz zt"l explains that the Ramban is giving us an important insight into human psychology. Human nature is that a person’s ability to accept a certain reality in the present is dependent on them having hope for a brighter future. If the Jewish people thought that Hashem would not have mercy on them after they sinned, they would be forced to subconsciously deny their sins in order to avoid the feeling of great depression that would inevitable ensue. It was only through the knowledge of Hashem’s great mercy that they were able to face the reality that they had sinned and then go on to repent.


As we mourn the loss of the Beis Hamikdash and contemplate the sins that led to it’s destruction, let us not forget that Hashem’s love and mercy for us will always be there no matter what we have done in the past. Through this realization, may we allow ourselves to accept and then rectify our past mistakes and merit to see the ultimate redemption with the coming of Moshiach speedily in our days.


Have a wonderful Shabbos!


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Shabbos August 13th. Enhanced Kiddish In honor of the Pollack family. Paul, Kathy, Ida and Jeremiah. 


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GALA 2022!


gala 2022.png




Dear Friend,


It is with great pride that Congregation Ahavas Sholom announces its 109th Anniversary Gala on Sunday, August 21, 2022. For over a century, Ahavas Sholom has been a beacon of spirituality for the Columbus Jewish Community and we are excited to celebrate our past and share hopes for the future. 


This year we are delighted to honor Michael Schiff with the Irving Baker Community Builder Award. Mike is a visionary who takes a deep interest in all facets of our community. With his unassuming manner, Mike has generously supported many institutions throughout our community. He appreciates the central role that these organizations play in ensuring a healthy and robust Jewish community. We appreciate his passion for Jewish life in Columbus and thank him for his long standing friendship of and support toward Ahavas Sholom throughout the years.


Additionally, Ahavas Sholom is thrilled to award a truly beloved couple with the Ahavas Chesed Award. Rabbi Avi & Perle Ben Moshe embody Ahavas Chesed. As highly respected members of Ahavas Sholom and the broader Jewish community the Ben Moshe's are well regarded for their tireless volunteerism, open home and open hearts. Since their arrival in our community 14 years ago, they have made an indelible impact on countless lives. From chairing numerous shul galas to spearheading innovative programming, while maintaining an open home , Perle has been a role model for dedication to our shul and our broader community.


With great humility, Avi has been extremely generous with his time and talents, whether through assisting families with Bikur Cholim, playing an integral role in shul programming or volunteering his Torah reading skills. Their dedication to community and commitment to Jewish unity is an inspiration for us all. 


Finally, we are grateful to you, our friends and members, for your continued generous support. We look forward to your participation in this year’s digital ad campaign.


Warmest regards,


Rabbi David Claman

Dotan Herszage, President

Philip Weinerman, Board Chairman













Please submit the names of cholim for the misheberach on Shabbos to by 1PM on Thursday. The list will be renewed weekly. The gabbai will read the names on the list and pause to allow people to add names from their seats.




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Ahavas Sholom is  affiliated with the Life and Legacy  program to promote endowments for our  shul  and the Jewish community .

Ahavas Sholom is excited to be part of the Life & Legacy Program with the objective of increasing endowments to help ensure our Jewish future. This program is sponsored by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and JewishColumbus.

Please click here for our Life and Legacy page 

Please email or contact Rabbi Claman or Phil Weinerman for more information 

Thu, August 11 2022 14 Av 5782