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Week of June 13 - 18

Shacharis: 7AM (Sunday at 8:15AM)

Mincha/Maariv: 7:15PM (Sunday at 8:45PM)










In one of the most dramatic displays in the Torah, the earth opens and swallows up Korach and his family! The purpose of this supernatural phenomenon was to prove the veracity of Moshe and Aharon's leadership in the face of attempted insurrection by Korach and his henchmen. Apparently it did not prove the point beyond the shadow of a doubt. It wasn't until another miracle, when Aharon's staff was the only one to blossom and produce almonds that all were convinced that Korach was wrong and in pursuit of self-aggrandizement.


Why was the second miracle, which was less dramatic and extreme than the first, more compelling and persuasive?


In the sefer, Toras Emes, Rabbi Leibel Eiger offers a piercing insight. He explains that the most effective way of influencing others and inspiring them to change is not through intimidating consequences, rather when they see the benefits, the blossoms and fruits that lay in store. When they appreciate that it is within their best interest to take heed and change and that they stand the most to gain, they will be inspired to action. The miracle of the staff producing almonds, albeit not as dramatic as the earth devouring Korach and his family, is ultimately more convincing.


This critical lesson can be a key ingredient in improving our relationships and becoming an effective positive influence on others. Instead of imposing ourselves on others, which is most often a repellent, we can present ideas in a way where others understand how much they stand to gain and how their lives will be richly enhanced.


The gemara (Shabbos 88a) teaches that when we proclaimed "naaseh ve'nishmah - we will do and then we will hear", at Mt. Sinai, a heavenly voice responded and exclaimed, "mi gila le'banai raz zeh - who has revealed this secret to my children?" The gemara does not elaborate any further on the nature of the secret of "naaseh ve'nishmah".


The Me'or Vashemesh explains in light of the only "secret" mentioned by the Rambam throughout his magnum opus, Mishnah Torah: the Rambam writes (Hilchos Teshuvah 10:5) that when first initiating a child to Torah and mitzvos, they should be motivated to perform the mitzvos out of fear of punishment and the prospect of reward. However, as they mature and develop, slowly and cautiously, "megalim lahem roz zeh - we reveal to them this secret." Namely, that the ideal way of serving Hashem is out of love not fear; because we want to not because we have to. Similarly, the manner of avodas Hashem implied by "naaseh ve'nishmah", performance before command, is a commitment influenced by love not fear.


In order to have a mature and enduring relationship with Hashem, we must at some point and on some level learn to perform mitzvos out of love. May we all merit to see and feel that our life of service is an opportunity with countless benefits in store. May it continue to inspire an ever deepening bond with Hashem and His Torah.


Wishing you all a wonderful Shabbos!

Rabbi David Claman


Please submit the names of cholim for the misheberach on Shabbos to by 1PM on Friday. The gabbai will read the names on the list and pause to allow people to add names from their seats.




We wanted to take this opportunity to reach out and share our thoughts with you on how we can move forward as a Jewish community during a time that feels very ominous.


Our hearts have been heavy after these past few weeks – we are saddened by all lives lost and dismayed by the anti-Jewish sentiment we see everywhere.


The one thing that reassures us is the fact that our community is strong and will always rally together during a crisis. We know this because we know ourselves – our Jewish values and the fact that our community stands up against anti-Semitism. All the blue squares on social media help us feel less alone.


However, fighting anti-Semitism takes more than a hashtag. We are up against a war of misinformation, globally and here in Columbus, in addition to the needs on the ground. To protect our Jewish State and ourselves, we must amplify our narrative and speak what we know to be true. We can do this though education, advocacy and community-building, and all this requires your generous support.

As you know, the JewishColumbus Annual Campaign already is on the path to success – we are on track to raise more money than we did last year. But because of the recent crisis, we anticipate more than a $550,000 gap that we must fill in order to support Israel and fight anti-Semitism.


If you have already made your gift, THANK YOU. If you haven’t, please consider doing so. And, if you share our sense of urgency, please consider making an additional gift. You can make a gift online at or please be in touch with Becky Parham at


Thank you, 

Audrey Tuckerman   Board Chair, JewishColumbus


Jonathan Feibel Financial Resource Development Chair, JewishColumbus


Joel Marcovitch CEO, JewishColumbus




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