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Our educational programs are first-class. Our goal is to provide for a lifetime of Jewish learning.  Mini Mishmar for children and teens, parents invited, Thursday nights 7 pm with Delicious Cholent served!  The Rabbi teaches a texural study of Megillas Ruth, Tuesday at 11:30 a.m.   Weekdays, the Rabbi gives a short shiur between Mincha and Maariv.   Daf  Yomi Sunday through Thursday is after Maariv, and on Shabbos takes place one hour before Mincha. Morning Chabura with Yaakov Klein - 6:am.  Rabbi Ginsburg's weekday Gemara shiur is after Shachris. There are events for women with Rebbetzin Shira Claman as the featured teacher.

Learning  Schedule

  • Mini Mishmar - Thursday nights - Delicious Cholent is served! 7:30pm
  • NEW!  Interactive textual study of Megillas Ruth - Women and Men Shiur - Tuesday mornings 11:30 in the Beis Medrash
  • Daf Yomi - Following Maariv Sunday Through Thursday, and on Shabbos one hour before Mincha
  • Morning Chabura  - 6am
  • Rabbi Ginsburg's Gemarah Shiur weekdays after Shacharis
  • Avos U'Banim - Motzei Shabbos in the Winter Season



Mon, November 19 2018 11 Kislev 5779