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Chanukah Matching Campaign

Ahavas Sholom is excited that the Chanukah matching capital campaign has reached $100,000. Our amazing donors matched all donations 3 to 1.  Every $100 you donated resulted in $400 for the shul. 

Thank you to Michael Schiff and family for their lead gift in appreciation of Dr. Sam and Susie Portman.

Thank you to the other matchers, who each pledged $5,000 to $10,000 for this campaign:


Gary Covel

Ed and Lily Friedman

Lev and Lidia Kuchershki in loving memory of Boots Nutis

Sandy Lefkovitz

Yhezkel and Yael Levi in loving memory of Boots Nutis

David and Eda Schottenstein

Lori Schottenstein

Steve and Rhonda Schottenstein

William Schottenstein in loving memory of his parents Leon and Jean Schottenstein and uncle Saul Schottenstein

Philip and Julie Weinerman

Thank you for the following donations, listed as triple matched:


Rabbi Steven and Barbara Abrams $1,000

Ruth and Buddy Adler $4,000

Anonymous $1,000

Marcia Baker $4,000 in memory of Irving Baker

Rick and Terri Barnett $2,800 in memory of Boots Nutis

Rabbi Avi and Perle Benmoshe $4,000

Michael Berenstein $400

David and Esther Bernzweig $1,000

Susan Bonowitz $400

Drs. Dan and Leslie Chase $2,000

Rabbi David and Shira Claman $720

Dr. Arye and Judith Cohen $4,000

Matt and Mindy Cooper $200

Rabbi Avrohom and Hope Drandoff $720

Jeff and Ingrid Epstein $400

Rabbi Yehuda and Nechama Fried $400

Tali and Robbie Friedman $720

Randall Furman $2,160 in loving memory of father

Leonard Furman and brother Franklin Furman

Rabbi David and Shulamit Ginsburg $4,000

David and Debbie Grashin $720 in honor of the birth of

graanddaughter Chaya Meira Grashin

Debbie, Josh, Aria and baby Grashin $1,000

Jonathan and Agnes Hartstein $144

Barry and Debbie Hellman $200

Avi Hollander $400

Rabbi Hillel and Rivky Kapenstein $144

Edgar and Sofia Karpovich $100

Samuel Katz $720

Dr. Bruce and Nancy Kay $720 in honor of the members of the shul

Dovid and Ayala Kohn $400

Gabor Klein $400 in memory of Imre Klein

Sonia Kovitz $400

Kori Lessing $1,000 in honor of Shari Herszage who

works so hard for everyone

Jack and Shelley Levey $400

Raanan and Rebecca Lefkovitz $1,440

Stuart and Tari Modes $400

Yosef and Emunah Murray $400

Ira and Laura Nutis $10,000 in loving memory of

dear Mother, Boots Nutis

Jeremiah Pollack $4,000

Dr. Paul and Kathy Pollack $7,200 in memory of Paul's aunt,

Esther bas Zecharia

Jeff and Lori Polster $720

Drs. David and Miriam Portman $4,000

Ron and Laurie Reitman $144 in memory of

Michel Ben Zelig Halevi

Sonny and Ellen Romanoff $4,000 in honor of

their 50th Wedding Anniversary

Alex and Susan Rosen $4,000

Andrew and Tricia Rosenstein in honor of Samuel receiving his smicha in Jerusalem this week

Larry Ruben $4,000 in memory of his father

Bernard R. Ruben

Dr. Victor and Susan Schmelzer $1,440 in loving memory of

Boots Nutis, Eugene Schmelzer and Tom Schmelzer

Yaakov and Miriam Schulman $1,000 in memory of Aryeh Leib Ben Avraham David

Josh and Renee Seidemann $400

Beverly and Stewart Shapiro $144 in honor of Rabbi Claman for teaching the Tuesday class

Harold and Elaine Shindel $720

Dr. Stuart Shindel $720 in honor of his parents

Harold and Elaine Shindel

Steve and Anne Shulman $400

Bruce and Marcie, Scott and Daniel Silberstein $1,000

Dr. Warren and Marlene Sobol $720 in memory of

Boots Nutis

Rabbi Daniel and Devorah Steinberg $100

Paul and Karan Tanenbaum $4000

Deena Tanenbaum $1000 in memory of her grandparents

Nnamdi Umeh $400

Perry and Yael Vernikoff $1,000 in honor of the Weinermans

for all the work they do for the shul

Barbara and Marvin Vinar $1,000 Wishing an end to sinas chinam and violence in the world

Diane and Patrick Wiesel $4,000

Zach and Sarah Miriam Weixelbaum $2,000

Steve and Cherie Winter $1,000

Dr. Menachem and Simha Wolfe $400

Dr. Roy and Shoshi Yaari $400

Bill Young $400

Dror and Ronit Ziner $200

Eli Zofan $720



Get in the Chanukah mood and enjoy a delicious Shabbos dinner with family and friends.

Dreidles, chocolate gelt and lots of fun.

Yom Kippur Kol Nidre Appeal  2019

Our Kol Nidre Appeal helps fund the programs that benefit you, the shul and the entire Columbus Jewish community.  Tzedakah is a cornerstone of these days of awe:

תשובה ותפלה וצדקה מעבירין את רועה הגזירה
Repentance, Prayer and Charity avert the severity of the decree


Please give generously.  May you and your loved ones be judged favorably for a happy, healthy and productive new year. 

Click here for your Kol Nidre pledge. 

Welcome Back to School  Community Kiddush Lunch                                                         

All are invited to a delicious kiddush luncheon with family and friends onShabbos, August 25 in honor of a great start to a new school year.

Consider sponsoring in honor of your child or grandchild with the grade they are entering to be listed and announced!


Cholent, meat chili, veggie chili, shwarma, chumus, schug, salad bar, challah rolls, pita, pasta, brownies, fresh fruit

Ahavas Sholom Gala 2018 

Ahavas Sholom honored Yosef and Emunah Murray, for all their work for the shul,   and honored Josh and Debbie Grashin with a young leadership award. 

Click here to see all the gala 2018 photos          

Chanuka  Bingo       SUNDAY DECEMBER 17 12:30-3PM 


Click here to see all the Chanukah Bingo Photos


Wine and Cheese  + Bourbon  Special Evening  Photos


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Ahavas Sholom Gala  2016 Installing Rabbi and Shira ClamanYouTube video of  photos


Purim Videos


Purim  Photos


Rabbi  Mordecha Willig  at the Annual Shul Gala



  Sponsored by  Gary & Lana Covel, in blessed memory of Gary’s father, Harold S. Covel and Sandy Lefkowitz, in memory of his mother, Anne Lefkowitz, Chana Bas David on occasion of their yahrzeits.       




Fri, January 17 2020 20 Teves 5780