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SCHOLAR IN RESIDENCE Rabbi Daniel Glatstein            June 23-25


Please join us for a Pre-Shabbos Oneg, Community Kiddush Luncheon, and a special shalosh seudos!

Rabbi Daniel Glatsein is a American Orthodox rov, public speaker, author, prolific researcher, pulpit rabbi and teacher with a global following and one of the most popular English speaking Torah teachers in the contemporary Jewish landscape. The Rov was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and now resides in the Five Towns (Cedarhurst NY) with his wife, children and family where he furthers his research, writing and teachings to the masses worldwide via the internet, his local community and Kahal Kadosh. 

The Rov’s shiurim are prominently featured on, the OU website (Orthodox Union), Kol B’rama RadioShas Illuminated, Hidabroot, Chazaq, BJX (Brooklyn Jewish Experiance), Jroot RadioTorah Downloads, Kol Haloshon, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Podcast format.       

Shabbos Schedule

Friday Pre-Shabbos Oneg: at the shul 6:30 pm before Mincha.  

Shabbos Morning Drasha: 10:30 am, 

Kiddush Luncheon: 11:30 am 

Lecture after Luncheon 1:00 pm

Children are invited to the Shabbos morning groups with davening, games, snacks and prizes.

Mincha 8:oo pm followed by Community Shalosh Seudos: 

Sunday Morning

Shacharis 8:15 am  followedby breakfast  and discussion: 9:00 AM

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Fri, June 21 2024 15 Sivan 5784