Enjoy the 5pm Special Carlebach Friday night Kabbalas Shabbos service at Ahavas Sholom,

and the 8pm Tisch at the home Rabbi Zvi and Chaya Aviva Katz 2899 Bexley Park Road

Rabbi Marder will give the Shabbos morning Drasha, and lead a 30 minute seminar after a special Kiddush Lunch

Rabbi Josh Marder is a prolific speaker and therapist on marriage and family dynamics. He is brought all over the country to lecture on marital success in the modern world from a Jewish perspective, and he has taught Couples and Family Therapy at the university level.

He has trained for over a decade in couples and family therapy, and is one of the first certified Emotionally Focused Therapists in Illinois. He has a thriving private practice in Chicago where he helps couples, families, and individuals build their relationships, along with offering seminars and workshops throughout the Greater Chicago Area for couples and psychologists.

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        Rabbi David and Shira Claman

Thu, October 19 2017 29 Tishrei 5778