Congregation Ahavas Sholom's 105th Anniversary Gala    Wednesday June 20th, 2018       

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Ahavas Sholom is proud to honor Yosef and Emunah Murray, for all their work for the shul,

 and honor Josh and Debbie Grashin with a young leadership award.



Please click here to place your ad in the journal, and to RSVP for the dinner

Letter From Yosef and Emunah:

Dear Friend,

On June 20, we will be honored at Congregation Ahavas Sholom’s 105th Anniversary Gala. We are being honored for our service, both within the Jewish community and the community at large. Ahavas Sholom is a place for bringing the community together through prayer, learning opportunities, social events and youth activities. We feel very fortunate to be a part of this warm and vibrant congregation. One of the ways that we can remember this special honor is via the Ad Journal. This is a journal where our friends and family can purchase an ad and write a congratulatory note. Also, if you own a business, it is a means of advertisement. You can create a personal ad or simply send in a business card. We would be honored if you would consider participating in our Ad Journal. This will serve as a precious keepsake and reminder of the support of us by our family and friends.

Thank you for your support.

Sincerely, Yosef (Calvin) & Emunah Murray


Letter from Josh and Debbie: 

Dear Friend,

For the past two years, we have been embraced by the Columbus Jewish Community. Since moving into the community as adults, we were ready to get involved in a Jewish community that we could join and help grow for years to come. Our goal was to invest our time and efforts in the hopes that we could attract more people to choose Columbus to ensure a future here for us and our children.

We came to Ahavas Sholom from different places – one as an newcomer and one returning home, seeing it through different eyes. We loved seeing the growth in programming in the shul since we returned home, and were hopeful we could add a fresh perspective. Through the tireless efforts of the Claman family and all the long-time members who devote so much of their time, energy and money to the shul, we have found an unbelievably inviting and welcoming community that has become a spiritual and social hub for the both of us.

At this year’s gala, we are humbled to accept the Young Leadership award. All the work we have done has been piggy-backing on the efforts of many, many who have come before us, and would not be possible without all of their guidance and efforts. We hope that our small contributions will add another small building block to the foundation of Ahavas Sholom now and for the future so that our growing community can experience the love and support that we have received in such abundance.

In order to help achieve this goal, we would be honored if you would consider placing an ad in our Gala Journal to help celebrate the occasion. Any proceeds from the ad journal will only serve to continue Ahavas Sholom’s mission, which is something that has been so important to our successful transition to the Columbus community.

Sincerely,   Josh and Debbie Grashin

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 Rabbi David and Shira Claman

Tue, June 19 2018 6 Tammuz 5778