Ahavas Sholom



Shabbos Hagadol Meals April 7 and 8  Good Foods, Friends and  a  clean house 2 days before Pesach!These meals are  only  for those who RSVP.

Save the Date    Annual  Gala  Sunday June 4,  5:30 pm.   The  Shul is  so pleased to  honor   Drs. Dan and Leslie Chase and   David and Cathy Schwartz

Musical Scholar-in -Residence May 19-20

Musical Scholar- in - Residence * Save the Date ** May 19-20 * More Details to Follow!

The Brother's of Pey Dalid, Mordechai, Shlomo and Pesach Walker, have been performing across the world the last 20 years spreading the message of unity and peace through their sweet harmonies and lively music. Blessed with beautiful voices and the ability to uplift all those around them, the brother's have lead Shabbat and Holiday services for communities throughout the globe. Pey Dalid's recordings and live shows have attracted many well-respected musicians who have recorded and toured with them. Among them, the late great Lew Soloff, Grammy Award winning trumpet player for Blood, Sweat and Tears, who can be heard on their last album "Open Eyes" and on two new studio albums; one, recently released, a Hebrew album which is titled "Hashem Melech - The 12 Tribes" and the other presently being recorded, an English album titled "Soul Source".The band's current direction into many areas of world music give them a wide variety of market options and offer their following an unforgettable musicalexperience.

Thank you to all for a successful Purim Ice Cream Party Megillah Reading, Costume Contest, Bounce House, Magic Show!


        Rabbi David and Shira Claman

Mon, 27 March 2017 29 Adar 5777